Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Wearing of the Badge!

President Wheeler and I wondered what in the world we would do for seven hours in London while we waited for our connecting flight.  No worries.  You just flash your badge and missionaries come out of the woodwork.  We had the best time.  Before we had to board our flight we had met 32 missionaries who were either coming or going.  Some were on their way to Provo to the MTC.  Some were coming from the MTC in Provo heading to their missions, and some were going home.  One Elder even met his Dad in the airport.  He knew his father was on business in Germany and would be at the airport at about the same time, but do you know how big Heathrow Airport is??? Chances of them meeting are slim, but it happened.  The single sister missionary was so glad to see another Sister.  We had lunch together and a lovely chat.  She is from Mozambique.  She had been at the MTC in Provo and will serve 18 months in Madagascar.  She and her sister are the only members in her family.  Her mother wants to be a member and is very supportive of her mission but she is married to a polygamist and can not be baptized unless she divorces.  Another Elder from Mozambique told his story.  At age eight, his family kicked him out of the house.  He went to live with his cousin who was a member of the church.  They were so poor, he would go days without food.  He would go to church with no shoes on his feet and in ragged clothes. He said, "Sister Wheeler, I was so embarrassed to go to church like that, but something told me to just keep going anyway."  He did.  He was baptized and is now serving a mission.  Thanks to your donations to the missionary fund.  If you can, please continue to donate.  Your contributions change lives and the lives of generations to come.  We are seeing this first hand.  I know my contributions will increase.  The photo with President Wheeler is with an Elder who is going home to Arkansas and knows Paul's brother Kelley very well!  Small world story!

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