Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WAHOO!  It's Breakfast time in Port Alfred.
Literally.  We ate at the Wahoo Restaurant for breakfast.  The restaurant is located inside of The Fish River Sun Hotel and Country Club.  Our Elders along with the Elders from Grahamstown invited us to an all you can eat buffet.  We thought, maybe an I-hop experience was in store, but we were surprised.  This was a lovely five-star restaurant.  Fun new things to try.  Paw Paw fruit, strawberry juice, all the chicken livers you could eat in a really scary kind of sauce, a variety of meats I had never heard of, and more.  Pictured below is our omelet chef, and the egg chef.  All this for only seven american dollars.  In Rand our bill was $140.00 which translates to about $14.00 american dollars. 

Standing on the left is Sam Talihati.  He is the first missionary from the Port Alfred Branch.  He arrived home on Sunday.  He is waiting for a member of our Mission Presidency to come and release him, so he is with our Elders until that happens.  

 There was a Nelson Mandela Conference going on at the 


  1. Wahoo! It's so fun to read your posts! Get a picture of a monkey!!!! Love you!

  2. Hmm omelets. I love breakfast. You may not remember this but I use to cook omelets for people that stayed at a best western in Logan, UT. That was fun - and I loved making omelets for people. I love the name of the place Wahoooooo!!!!