Saturday, October 19, 2013

We had so many fun gatherings with our loved ones prior to leaving.  The Jensen siblings and their spouses  gathered at Ruth Anne's home in Ogden.  Ruth had prepared a lovely meal for all of us. She insisted on preparing it entirely herself.  Not a small task given the fact that she is 81 years old.  She is and has always been the perfect hostess.  We ate and laughed and talked and cried.  Back row left to right is Richard, Marvin, Jay, and David.  The girls are Carol, Ruth, and me.  Jay left for his assignment on October 30th to serve as the Temple President for the Cochubamba Temple in Bolivia.  This will be the last time we gather for three years.  Our sister Lou's husband was there along with our brother Alma's wife Catherine Anne.  Alma and Lou passed away in 2006.  That accounts for nine of us.  Our brother Niel, who never married, passed away in 1970.  

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