Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I have learned about Port Alfred, South Africa in five days!
(in random order)
  1. Driving on the left-hand side of the road is pretty cool and not as hard as I thought.
  2. Watching whales, dolphins, and porpoises out side our window is soothing and makes you realize all of God's creations are amazing.
  3. Paul Wheeler is my friend, my hero, and the best missionary companion ever.
  4. I miss Target.  I miss Kneaders.  I miss chocolate.  I miss hamburger.  In South Africa they call hamburger mince.  It really will take some getting use to.
  5. All teenage girls are the same regardless of race or religion.  They like music, dancing, boys, and sports.
  6. I did not know the true meaning of humble until I saw the Townships of South Africa.
  7. You can feel the spirit while teaching the gospel in a 7 X 7 building with rats running through.
  8. No school teacher in Clark County can complain again about class size.  Our YW president has 93 students in her class.
  9. You haven't heard the hymns unless you have heard them sung in Africa.
  10. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It lifts people and heals them.  

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  1. I'm showing mom every post you've made on here and she is loving it! It's so so so great you are documenting all of this - your feelings, the people, the way they live, the gospel - thank you so much for giving us a peek into your world! We will be over within the next 22 months!! We love you!! Mom says she's coming too!