Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Zone Conference 2013!!!

Our Christmas Zone Conference was over-the-top.  We drove to East London Monday, Dec. 16th.  It is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Port Alfred.  We stayed in a lovely B&B right by the ocean called Amanda's.  It really was lovely.  There were 48 Elders in attendance along with President & Sister Wood, President and Sister Boyce and two other couple missionaries; Elder and Sister Chase and Elder and Sister Thomas.  

The morning meetings were amazing.  We were instructed by the mission AP's who taught from PMG Chapter 6 regarding Christlike Attributes.  An excellent presentation with a challenge to choose one and work on it.  President Wood then taught on the Atonement.  I could sit at his feet and be instructed all day.  I really believe he has a photographic memory.  He can call up any scripture and it's reference at any time.  We were taught by the spirit through him.  

Sister Boyce gave us the challenge to memorize "The Living Christ".  She spoke on how it has changed her life.  President Wheeler and I have both accepted this challenge.  

I made 240 + cookies for the Elders Christmas goodie bag.  Each bag had socks, a temple recommend holder, the SACTM (South Africa Capetown Mission) patch, cookies, a picture of the Savior and a few other surprises.

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