Friday, November 29, 2013

Couple's Conference

We received a FULL day of training on Friday from our mission president.  We were inspired, motivated, encouraged, and enlightened.  Our mission covers an area that is like unto the span of space from Omaha, Nebraska to San Diego, California.   Elder David A. Bednar is the general authority over our area.  The focus of our mission is on Real Growth, Retention, and Rescue.  We currently have more than 177,000 members in 33 stakes, 11 missions, and 25 districts.  Church growth is explosive in Francophone Central Africa and high in other regions.  Since 2010, an average of three stakes/year has been created.  The statistics for the Africa Southeast Area show favorable increases in the last five years:  Sacrament meeting attendance by 53%, endowed adults with a current recommend by 66 %, adult full-tithes payers by 74%, youth attendance by 52%, (we see such positive things in our branch happening with the youth!!!!!), Melchizedik Priesthood holders paying a full tithe by 42%, and adults sealed to a spouse by 44%.  Given the trajectory of the past five years, with 20 years, the Africa Southeast Area will likely have over 300,00 members and over 100 stakes.  

President Wheeler and I are honored to be even a tiny part of this miracle.
President and Sister Boyce.  First Counselor in the Cape Town Mission.
I regret that we did not get a picture of President and Sister Hogband, our Second Counselor.  They are originally from South Africa.

President and Sister Wood.  This man is amazing.  He speaks in scripture.  What a treat to receive instruction from both he and his wife.  

Onward...ever onward!!!

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