Monday, December 30, 2013

Fish River Sun Historical Trail Hike

Monday, December 30th was our P-Day. We went on a fabulous hike at Fish River Sun.  I have posted before about this lovely resort.  I did not know it had historical value.  In 1846 the British were battling with the Xhosa Tribes to win the land on the Easter Cape.  The war was known as "The War of The Axe".  Now that conjures up some pictures in your mind I'm sure.  I will just say that axes, spears, and guns were involved.  

 One of the fallen soldiers was James Wheeler.  We know that Paul's ancestors are from England.  Hmmm…. 
 At one stop on the way there is a lovely hike that overlooks the Fish River where you can be on the look-out for a variety of birds.

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