Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Signs of Home

As we have explored South Africa we have found many signs that remind us of home.  If you are from Logandale, the sign below needs no explanation.  If you are not, Wally's Chevron station is an icon in Logandale. 

This sign reminded my of my 15 silly grandchildren.  Teasing grandpa, pillow fights, knock-knock jokes and other goofy things.  (Hey D.J.  Who has the last touch?)

Another sign that reminds me of a great family in Logandale.

This is a sign that President Wheeler spotted in Kenton on the Sea.  Every day when he went to work at Nevada Power he would walk through the gate with his co-workers and they would say…."Well friends…it's just another day in Paradise!"

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  1. Wendy and I lived in Paradise while we were married at USU. It was always fun when people asked where we live and we said we live in Paradise. I almost want to move back again just for that reason. Also, I don;t know if you knew this but Wallys is now Wesley's. The Adams bought it, Wes Adam, so hence Wesleys.