Thursday, November 28, 2013

Took a little Wobble to walk off the Gobble!

The Arderne Gardens in Capetown is the perfect place to wobble off all the gobbles.  The Gardens, is a uniques collection of over 300 exotic trees of South Africa.  It includes one of the largest trees in South Africa, the vast Moreton Bay Fig (or, Wedding Tree, as it is commonly called) and quite possibly the largest Aleppo Pine in the world.  

After our stroll through the park, we returned to the mission home for pie and a sharing time experience with other couples.  I will share with you one story that illustrates that the Lord has his hand in placing missionaries where they need to be.  

The Thomas's are a mission couple serving in Queenstown.  He was an explosive technician in the mines in Johannesburg, South Africa for thirteen years.  They moved back to the states eight years ago.  While living in South Africa he served as a bishop.  When they received their mission call, they were initially told they would be serving in Port Alfred, but soon learned that their assignment had been changed to Queenstown.  

One evening, Brother Thomas was out visiting less-active members in their branch with the missionaries.  While visiting with one family, he asked the man where he had lived prior to moving to Queenstown.  He stated that he had lived in Johannesburg.  Brother Thomas asked him if he remembered who his last bishop was.  The less-active member recalled who it was.  Bro. Thomas then asked him who his Bishop was before that.  He stated the name of a former Bishop.  Then he asked if he remembered the Bishop when he was baptized?  He said he did not recall.  Brother Thomas then stated,  "I was your Bishop".  Brother Thomas bore testimony that he felt the Lord had placed he and his wife there to bring this man back in to the church.  

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