Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two new members of the Port Alfred Branch

It was a perfect day.  These two sisters (both in the gospel and biological) being baptized means the entire Magawu family are now members of the church.  Sonwabile (we call him SoSo) was the first to be baptized.  He had a great influence on bringing his mother to the waters of baptism and now his two sisters make their family circle complete.  This was SoSo's first time to perform a baptism.  He is so very valiant.  President Wheeler challenged the Priest's quorum one Sunday to memorize Section 4 of the D & C.  SoSo came back the next week with it memorized.  The following week he challenged them to "work" on memorizing the Articles of Faith.  The following week, SoSo had memorized them all.  His greatest desire is to serve a mission.  

From left to right...President Wheeler, Elder Andersen, Sister Magawu, Liyema Magawu, Ayandiswa Magawu, Sonwabile Magawu, and Elder Krieger.

Baptism of Ayandiswa and Liyema Magawu

07. December 2013
Presiding: President Wheeler

Opening Hymn #341
Opening Prayer – Elder Andersen

1st talk – Sister Wheeler

Baptism of Ayandiswa and Liyema Magawu
Performed by Elder Krieger and Sonwabile Magawu


2nd talk – Brother Mabaso

Welcome remarks by President Wheeler

Closing Hymn # 2
Closing Prayer – Brother Josiah

Confirmation in sacrament meeting Sunday the 8th December


  1. I can't even believe how different your day-to-day life is over there. Wow! There's no looking back when you are called to serve - you just jump in with all four feet (counting two of you, not a zebra) and do whatever is required with the happiest hearts and smiling faces. I know there is stress and there are trials but I also know the blessings are being poured out upon the two of you. You are missed here but you are sorely needed there. Have a wonderful Christmas month and keep rolling the work forward! I love you so much!!!

  2. Thank you so much for letting us see what you are doing on your mission! This has been such a great help to me with the ward history! Have an amazing Christmas!