Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brother Ncebazakhe Hola…

This is faithful Brother Hola.  He is the second counselor in the Branch Presidency.  Brother Hola is a pig farmer, a gardner, a painter, a father of nine children, a grandfather, and a valiant Priesthood holder.  Here he is working on the garden that he planted in the back yard of our church.  Growing in the garden is cabbage, carrots, beets, one volunteer tomato plant and I think some lettuce.  President Stumm, who we replaced worked very hard with Brother Hola and this garden.  Unfortunately, that is not one of President Wheeler's strong points, so he has turned over production completely to Brother Hola.  

Brother Hola spoke in sacrament meeting three weeks ago.  Among other things he said this.  "I am a man of many troubles, (and he is).  Jesus is a man of many troubles.  But I am a happy man because I know Jesus and he is my Savior."

Two weeks ago this good man laid his hands on my head and set me apart as the Seminary/Institute teacher in Port Alfred.  The spirit was strong.  The tears flowed freely.  He is one of our heroes here in South Africa.  It is an honor to know him.

His lovely wife's name is Cynthia.  I am supposed to be helping her with her English.  Instead, she is helping me learn the Xhosa language.  Unfortunately, she is quicker to pick up English than I am Xhosa.  

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