Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meeting Mosiah!

Meet Mosiah…and his family.  Who knew.  Joshua Mosiah, his lovely wife Selenah and their two beautiful daughters came to stay with us in Port Alfred Saturday, January 18th.  Joshua is on the High Council in the Port Elizabeth Stake.  He has been a member of the church for eight years.  President Wheeler had asked him to come and speak in our ward.  We had a lovely dinner prepared and then went for a walk on the beach.  The girls gathered seashells and said they were going to make jewelry out of them. I also got to do some "Art" with the girls.  It made me homesick for Jara and Tessa.   TheMosiah's have been members of the church for 10 years.  She is from the Xhosa Tribe here in Africa and he is aXuXutu (or was).  In his tribe his father and grandfather still practiced sacrificing animals.  He asked them both why they did animal sacrifices and neither of them could give a good reason.  It was confusing to him.  When he found the church he was relieved to find the "why" behind everything.  They were baptized and soon began working towards a temple marriage.  He sold his only means of transportation to fund the trip and they created an eternal family.  He spoke on that in our Sacrament meeting.  The spirit was VERY strong and tears were flowing.  I was sitting on the stand and could see in to the faces of the members.  

I was showing Tracy and Gloria some things on  Their mother, Selenah, has gone to college and received her degree in Sociology.  To help supplement their income she crochets shoes and handbags.  I have ordered some from her.  

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  1. I love love love love love your blogs. I am living the wonder of your mission and those people vicariously through you. How blessed they are to have you!! And I love seeing pics of you and Paul - I miss you two!! I won't say have fun because I know you already are. Love you to the moon!!!