Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Zion is growing!

This is the logo for our mission.  SACTM.  South Africa Cape Town Mission.  Or, Serving Always Christ The Master.  When we were in East London with our friends the Blatters, she shared this story with us.  They are receiving a new couple missionary that has been assigned to the Motherwell Branch that is very close to East London.  The Motherwell Branch was formed in August with only eight members.  Today, that branch has 80 members.  The Blatters are PEF & Employment Missionaries.  THEY ARE BUSY!!!  They also supervise 16 missionaries.  They had an assignment in Motherwell and attended the new brach there.  She was chatting with one of the sisters there who was newly baptized.  Their conversation went something like this…
"Sister______, do you have a calling in the branch."
"Yes, Sister Blatter, I think I do."
"Can you tell me what it is?"  
"Well, I think I am a counselor."
"A counselor.  That is lovely.  Of what"
She looked at Sister Blatter with pleading eyes.  Sister Blatter started naming auxiliaries.  She got to the Relief Society and the Sister exclaimed…"Yes!  That is it.  It is the Relief Society."
These saints are humble, faithful, and loving.  They have so much to learn.  Everything is  new to them.  We love them all dearly.

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