Sunday, February 2, 2014

Charity Never Faileth

On the left is Sister Helen Dell.  On the right is Sister Ruth Cockbain.  These two wonderful women were released from the Relief Society Presidency in the Port Alfred Branch after over five years of service.  

Now meet our new Relief Society Presidency.  From left to right.  President, Sister Nomsa Nteyi.  Second Counselor, Sister Sinomtha Kondile, First Counselor, Sister Elizah Ngcibi-Nobebe.  The new Secretary (Sister Noivnthando Donile) was unable to be here today due to a death in the family.  This is the first Relief Society presidency that are all from the Xhosa tribe.  Sister Kondile is holding Sister Nteyi little girl Alunamda.
Today in Fast and Testimony meeting Nomsa bore her testimony.  I will share with you some of her remarks.  She talked about her baptism in 2009.  A few months after her baptism her mother passed away.  She expressed a few other struggles she had after joining the church.  She then paid tribute to Sister Cockbain and Sister Dell.  She said, "It was your hands (speaking of Sister Dell and Sister Cockbain) that lifted me, comforted me, and often fed me.  It was your hands that tutored me and trained me to be able to serve in the position that I have been called to today.  You were my mothers"  

And that my friends is Relief Society in Action.  Faith, Family, and Relief. ,

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