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Saturday, February 15th, 2014.  Youth Conference was held in East London, sponsored by the East London Stake.  Technically, our branch is not part of this Stake, but they were kind enough to invite us to participate.  This was like Christmas for our youth!  We had all ten members of our branch attend as well as three investigators.  Remember, these are all first generation Mormons.  Most of them converts of less than two years.  When we were in the planning stages they asked President Wheeler how many youth would be there.  He stated that there would be approximately 200.  Their comment…"You mean 200 Mormons in one place."  This was also the first time they had seen a chapel.  Everything for them is a first.

This is the taxi that we chartered.  There were three adults (Brother Hola, Sister Van Rensburg, and the driver) and 13 youth that crammed in.  Can you say "clown car"! President Wheeler and I followed in our little Chevy!
 Yup!  All of this was in that!  See the boy that is the shortest one standing close to President.  His name is Silindolchie.  We can't pronounce his name, so he let's us call him Good Times, which is what is written on his shirt.  He owns two shirts.  This one and one other.  He is an investigator.  We don't know where his Dad is, and his mother is working in Port Elizabeth, so he lives with his Aunt.  Out of these 13 youth only two have a two-parent family.  That is another story.

 There was an opening exercises at which the Youth Theme for the year, "Come Unto Christ" was introduced, and then the games began.  Our Branch was in charge of Minute to Win It.  Nomvulla, from our branch was the overall winner stacking these seven high.  In Minute To Win It they had to stack golf balls.  Who knew.  You really can stack golf balls.  

 Crab Soccer.

 Temple Building.  Each team was given a supply of paper, cereal boxes, and tape to make a replica of a temple.  I wish I would have snapped a pix of the finished products.  They were pretty cool.
  I didn't catch the name of this game, but this one was a hit.  There were two teams.  Each team was assigned three colors of balls to gather from the playing field.  The players were blind-folded, and their team mates had to guide them to the correct balls.  All the while the opposing team was trying to lead them astray shouting the incorrect directions.
 Closing Excersises.  When I looked at these great kids, I couldn't help but sing in my head, Hope of Israel, Zion's Army, Children of the Promised Day!
Hope of Israel, rise in might
With the sword of truth and right;
Sound the war-cry, "Watch and pray!"
Vanquish ev'ry foe today.

Some say that it will take two to three generations of Africans to get the church to stand on it's own here.  Maybe they are right. Maybe they don't know these great kids like we do.  They are AWESOME!

Maybe 10% of the group were white.  The rest were colored (meaning part white) or black.

Ayandisiwa, Buoso, Ayabonga, Tania, Magret, and Chwyita.
Aren't they so cute!!!

This is for all my grandkids.   Brother Hola proved that it really can be done. Can you top him?
Our parting shot of the Stake Center in East London.  It was a great day!!!

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