Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's only $0.03...

Just returned from a trip to the local grocery store.  We have two (that I trust).  Spar and Pick and Pay.  See these three bags that my groceries are in.  I have to pay for them.  It is only $0.03, but it makes me crazy.  Yes, I do have re-usable bags that are great if I remember to take them with me. I even usually fold a few of these disposable bags up (thank you Pinterest) and carry them with me in my purse.  Today I forgot my bags.  So the first question the checker always asks is "would you like plastic?"  I would like to say to her one time…"No thank you.  I will carry my 50 items of groceries out to my car one at a time.  Would you mind waiting?"  I never do.  I just think it.  And I know it is only $0.03, but REALLY!!!

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