Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Parking Police

President Wheeler and I rarely, if ever argue.  What's the point.  After all, we are married for Time and All Eternity, it is exhausting, and we know we are just going to kiss and make up so why bother.  You can say, however, that we have some friendly disagreements.  This is a picture of one of them.

This nice man is a parking attendant.  He and many others can be found all over town wherever there are parking spots.  Their job is to help you back out of your parking spot safely which in this town of crazy drivers is very helpful.  Also, they will watch your car to see that no one breaks in to it (which is a common occurrence in Africa).  Here is the point of contention.  They want a tip.  Usually five Rand which is equivalent to $ .50 USD.  I am more than happy to give the $ .50.  President Wheeler on the other hand…."I am not going to give someone $ .50 to help me back out my car from a parking place that I am perfectly capable of doing so myself!".  Me, "But, honey, it is cheap insurance for us to assure that no one steals anything while I am shopping".  He, "I really don't care…blah, blah, blah."  And so the disagreement pursues.  When they see us coming, if President Wheeler is driving they don't help us back out because they know he won't tip.  But if it is me, well I get all the attention and protection I need.

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