Friday, February 7, 2014

Port Alfred Chapel

If you are attending church in Port Alfred, South Africa, this is where you would be for Sacrament Meeting.  This Is our Chapel.  Our building was previously a home.  The owners opened a Picture Framing Shop and added this portion on to the front.  If you are standing at the pulpit, the Sacrament Table is on the right of the podium.

This is what you would see if you were standing at the podium, looking toward the back of the chapel. Notice the whiteboard.  There are accordion doors that are shut after Sacrament Meeting that divides the chapel in two.  Gospel Doctrine is taught at the back of the chapel, and Gospel Essentials is taught by the missionaries in the front portion.  

This cozy little room is the Relief Society Room/Youth Sunday School Room.  I love the cozy Fireplace.

Our Young Womens Room, used exclusively for them!

This is our Primary Room.  This room can get a little crowded.  We have converted a room in the shop out back to be another classroom for the Valiant Primary Class.  We used it for the first time last Sunday.  It was Heaven to be able to separate the younger children from the older.  We would love to have a nursery room.  Only in our dreams.

This is maybe what you would call a multi-purpose room.  This is the foyer outside of the Branch President's Office.  It is sort of the library/gathering area/multimedia area/Aaronic Priesthood meeting room.

Branch President's Office.  If you are sitting in the President's chair, you would see a door that leads to the Clerk's office.

I think you all know what this room is.  The Custodial Closet is also in the kitchen.

This is our lovely backyard.  You can see Brother Hola's garden in the distance.  There is also a workshop off to the left that President Stumm set up and organized.  This little building has two rooms.  One of which was just converted to the Valiant classroom!  YEA!!!

Our Baptismal Font.  It is housed under a lovely little canopy.

View from the front.  We are blessed to have this wonderful facility!

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  1. Great post mom. You guys are awesome. Nice to see your church facilities