Monday, February 10, 2014

Under the Boardwalk...

We traveled to Port Elizabeth on our P-Day Monday to meet the new couple missionary, Elder and Sister Silcock, that arrived from Burley Idaho to serve in the Motherwell Branch. Port Elizabeth is one of the largest cities in South Africa.  It was founded as a town in 1820 to house British Settlers.  It is now a major Seaport.  We met for lunch at a little Chinese Restaurant at "The Boardwalk".  This was our first Chinese since we arrived.  More on that later.

From left to right are the Silcocks, the Blatters, and you know who.  The Silcocks have been assigned to a branch that was organized in August with only eight members.  Last Sunday, they had 102 members there!  The counselor in the Branch Presidency is 17 years old!

Sister Blatter ordered some kind of Pork dish.  When it came it looked like a plate of worms.  I ordered Chinese stir-fried vegetables and got a plate of bok-choy.  We pooled our food, gave Sister Blatter some veggies to go along with her Pork, and I ate what President Wheeler did not.  Eating is South Africa is always an adventure!

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