Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is "Lying in a Manger?'

We arrived in South Africa the first part of November.  As we drove through Port Alfred we saw these mangers/cribs in front of most all of homes.  I thought…"how precious".  They must all be Christians and they have built little mangers to welcome the Christ Child.

It didn't take long to figure the REAL purpose of the Mangers.  They are garbage cribs.  I imagine they are built up off the ground to keep the critters out.  No big black garbage cans here.  On garbage pick-up day we usually see many people from the locations going through the bags in the cribs and scavenging for anything useful.  They will then put their treasures in a clean bag, balance them on their head and walk back to the location.

But most often we see garbage just laying around.

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