Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"From The Factory"

When we tell the members here that we were born and raised in Utah, they tell us "Oh, you are from "The Factory".  We had some visitors in our Flat that were returned missionaries that had served here in Port Alfred before we came.  I told them that my Great Grandfather on my Father's side was a companion to the Prophet Joseph Smith.  This former Elder had quite a sense of humor, but imagine my surprise when he "literally" fell off his chair and pretended to worship me.  

Last night I had a "From the Factory" experience.  Our RS Presidency is planning the RS Birthday party activity.  Since they don't have access to a computer, they asked me to check a couple of things for them and come to their meeting last night.  They were looking for activities.  I found one called RS Bingo.  It was created by a ward in Utah.  I showed it to the Presidency and explained how the game worked.  In each of the Bingo Card Squares were written phrases that the sisters were to find another sister who had experienced what was written.  They read through it and looked at me with questions in their eyes.  Some of the things that we "Factory Mormons" know as commonplace, they had never heard of.  Here are some of their questions.
  • Sista Wheeler, can you tell us what "skis" means
  • "Likes Artichokes".   Sista Wheeler, what is an artichoke.
  • "Participlated in a Marathon".  Now this one is just hilarious to the members here.  Given the fact that they walk EVERYWHERE they go, it seems ridiculous that someone would walk/run for the sport of it.
  • "Drives an SUV".  If they have a car, it is a miracle.  No idea what an SUV even is.
  • "Lived in Utah".  We scratched that one off.  I told them they could leave it on and everyone could get me to sign that square.
  • "Makes jello salad".  In Africa they call jello ~ jelly.  I explained.  They left it on the card.
  • "Went to BYU".  Sista Wheeler…what is BYU.
  • And here is the best one.  "Have you ever washed clothes by hand?"  For these sisters, there is no other way.
I am grateful for my "Wasatch Front/Mormon Factory" background.  But more than that, I am forever grateful to be among these wonderful pioneers in South Africa.  They are the Lucy Mack Smiths of this country.  They bless my life!!!

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  1. I love your other-side-of-the-world experiences! It really opens your eyes to how other people live and think, doesn't it? I can still remember seeing completely naked plucked geese laying in a tub on the sidewalk in Taiwan in front of a butcher shop - something I see all the time in Utah, said no one ever. Thank you for sharing, even those innards pictures. I'd be a vegetarian too. And have been in some of my travels. ;) I love you two!! <3