Monday, March 10, 2014

God Bless America…Grocery stores that I love!

When you think of Africa, you most likely picture a safari.  Well, can I just tell you that a trip to the grocery store here is the most adventurous hunt I have ever been on. I will preface these pictures by telling you that I think I must be destined to live in small towns.  One claim to fame that I often share is that I come from a town with no stop light.  (Logandale, Nevada).  I now am serving in a town with ONE stoplight!  (Port Alfred, South Africa) Woot, woot!  Living in small towns definitely has it’s advantages.  One of them is NOT the shopping!  Logandale had one grocery store.  Port Alfred has two (and several other little small stores that I would not dare go in to unless Bruce Willis was there as my bodyguard).  And so, when I have the opportunity to shop in civilization (any town with more than one stop light) my little heart just races with excitement.

Last Saturday, President Wheeler and I traveled to Port Elizabeth (90 minutes away) to pick up a car for the mission.  I was told that if I ever get to civilization (which is anywhere but the towns I live in) I must check out Fruit and Veg City.  Well I did.  I am still smiling.  Check out these pictures.  My little heart could barely take it.  I nearly cried. 

 Look at this gorgeous fruit.  I must say also that my little quilting brain thought of all the color schemes I could go with in my next quilting creation.

 I hardly knew what to do, so I bought some of everything.  I don't care if it spoils.  It was there.  It was beautiful and I was a maniac!

 This is the first time I had seen red onions in Africa.  My only regret is that President Wheeler was with me.  It was sort of like shopping in a fabric store with a man.  They needed to have a husband chair in this store so I could spot him and just wander.  I don't think he appreciated my excitement over a red onion.

 There are many pineapple farms in South Africa.  They have a small variety that is about as big as a pint jar.  They call them "pines".
And these, my friends, are pumpkins.  Yep.  The thing you make Jack O Lanterns out of and the best pumpkin pie you will ever eat.  You can not buy canned pumpkin in Africa.  I will probably never buy canned again.  Fresh is so much better.

The next two pictures are from the bakery.  How fast would the Health Department in America shut these guys down???  Everything was out in the open.  I didn't want to think of how many people had handled these items or how many bugs had been circulating over, above, and through.  As good as it looked, I couldn't bring myself to buy.

Our friends the Boyce's came to pick up the mission car that we had brought back from P.E.  They told us they were bringing us a care package.  LOOK WHAT THEY BROUGHT!!!  American food products.  These are all items that they had their friends visiting from America bring to them.  They are leaving in two months and had some surplus items.  Real mayonnaise, real mustard, black beans, cake mixes, danish dessert.  I'm just telling you….Paula Dean would never make it in Africa.  We knew we loved the Boyce's.  They just cemented our friendship with a packet of Ranch Dressing.
So the next time you walk in to a grocery store in America, just sing a chorus of God Bless America and think of me.  

And check out this picture of the fresh fish department.  I was afraid.  Very afraid.  In another post I will share with you why I will probably become a vegetarian while in Africa.


  1. Oh what fun! Oh what fright! Eating mayonnaise up all night! Yay for the Boyce's! I want to try a pine!

  2. I will now sing "God Bless America" every time I go to Day's Market. In my head. The fish picture reminded me of Tahiti. In the open market there the fish sellers sit and wave palm fronds at the fish to keep the flies off. Nice memory. And on the little island of Maupiti the kids would walk around the island selling fish in a wheelbarrow. I love seeing how other cultures do things! Thanks for sharing! The fruits and veggies look wonderful!! They won't got to waste because you'll eat or share them all! Love you!!