Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Life as a Vegetarian (well almost)

This is my butcher, and yes, he is just as happy as he looks in this picture.  I was "warned" when I came here to buy my meat at the PA Butchery rather than the grocery store. " O.K. says I.  Do I want to know why?"  No one has ever answered that question for me, but it's off to the the Butchery I go.  This jolly man greets me each time I go in.  Once I got over the smell of the butchery, I had quite a time there.  I usually go right to the back to pick up my kilos of "mince" (hamburger).  In the meat case I see a variety of other items that look pretty scary to me.  Read on….

He is holding a package of a variety of different innards.  (is that even a word?  This is a mixture of the insides of different animals)  The meat case is full of them.  I can barely look at them let alone cook them.

This is a tasty package of liver with a generous portion of fat to cook it in!!!  Okey Dokey.  Not me.  No thank you.

 Now this delicacy is lunchmeat.  When I think of lunchmeat, I generally think of Paradise Bakery, Kneaders, Jimmy John's, etc.  Anyone want to venture what might be in this mixture???  I won't be serving it up on a sandwich any time soon.
 Balogna.  Yup.  It is Baloney.  Africa loves Balogna.  When I was a little girl, my mother used to buy a chunk of baloney, grind it up in the meat grinder, add miracle whip and pickle relish and serve it on a sandwich.  I loved it.  I just can't bring myself to grind this up.  No thank you, not me.
 And in case you were looking for 7 heads and 14 feet of a chicken…PA Butchery is the place to go.

And finally….Biltong.   South Africa's version of Jerky.  They use all kinds of animals to make it.  Chicken, Beef, Fish, Shark, Ostrich, Kudu, Springbok, Ostrich, etc.  It is eaten as is, or chopped up in to pieces about the size of an M & M for a snack, or used in all kinds of recipes from muffins to main dishes.  Maybe one day I will try it.  

But for now….I am thinking a Vegetarian diet may be the way to go.  

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