Monday, March 3, 2014


Our members are always talking about going to visit their family on "The Farm".  President and I decided that we should go see what "The Farm" is all about.  We drove to Southwell which is one of the many farms here.  Africa is rich in history.  Southwell is part of that history.  There is not much left of it now except what you will see in the pictures in this post, but it was once a thriving community with schools, shops, and a bustle of other activities.  Our favorite part of the "remains" was this church.  We were not able to get in, but you can just imagine it being the center of the community.  Isn't it charming!

Oh, and by the way.  We did see farms on our drive.  Both agricultural and cattle farms.  More on that later.  

We thought we might have an "Alice In Wonderland" spotting while we were at Southwell from the size of these mushrooms.

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