Friday, April 25, 2014

Band of Brothers (and Sisters)

The Three Musketeers had the slogan "All for one…and one for all"  This band of brothers and sisters is the epitome of that message.  There is a bond that exists among these youth that "waxes strong".  The baptism of Silindokuhle Passe illustrates.
 In this picture Silindokuhle is crouched down holding a hymnbook.  His journey towards baptism has been long.  He is the first in his family to take the missionary lessons.  He is 15 and needs the permission of parents to be baptized.  That permission came very slowly. After months of teaching his mother noticed the remarkable changes in his life and realized that it was the gospel that had changed her son from a life that was headed in a direction that was less than desirable to a life of happiness.  After a very long wait, and being surrounded by his brothers and sisters in the branch his baptism day came.

 He was baptized by Nkosikhona Maata.  Nkosikhona was recently baptized himself.  Notice the smile on his face.  It speaks volumes.  Because Silindokuhle's name has been hard for us and the other missionaries to pronounce we often call him Good Times.  This nickname was given to him by the Elders from a shirt that he wears with that lettering on it.  It fits this group of youth perfectly.  When they are together they see to it that their time is Good.  
 Good Times smile can light up a room.  Below he is standing next to his mother.  This story does not just end with Silindokuhle's  baptism.  Because of the changes she has seen in her sons life, she is now taking the missionary lessons and progressing well.  The missionaries are also teaching her significant other that is pictured below (Pierre).  Pierre is a former member of the Jehovah Witness Church.  He read the Book of Mormon in two weeks, and is now reading the Doctrine and Covenants along with a study guide.  Hopefully, this story is "To Be Continued".

At Silindokuhle's baptism, his friends were there with Ayabonga giving the opening prayer, Sibongiseni giving a talk on baptism, and Bouso offering the closing prayer.  

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