Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Because I Have Been Given Much...

Look at my cute grandsons.  We mentioned that we were struggling finding enough funds to take our members to the temple in July.  They came up with this great idea.  I think they have done very well.  Do you blame them.  Could any Grandma resist those blue eyes?
 Hello, my name is James Astling. I am doing a service project for my Grandparents who are serving an LDS mission in South Africa. Some of their branch members would like to go to the temple, but they don't have enough money to rent a bus for the 13 hour drive to the nearest temple. So, I am making chocolate cremes to sell for Easter baskets and sending the money to them. Each package is $3.00 and contains six chocolate cremes. The flavors are orange, black cherry, strawberry, mixed berry, grape and lemon. If you would like to purchase a package or many package, please post your request here. I will deliver them Thursday or Friday before Easter. We made a bunch but my brothers are buying a lot of them, so get them before they are gone!
 Rolling the dough.  From left to right, James, Spencer, and D.J.
James is the mastermind.  He will also get credit at school for completing a service project.    I will list some of the obstacles that our members are up against as they try to save money for a temple trip.  
  • Port Alfred is a 13 hour drive from the Johannesburg Temple.
  • We have 73 members in our branch.  Out of those members only four own cars.
  • We will take a fourteen passenger taxi from here to Grahamstown (a 45 minute drive) and then catch the bus from there.
  • The medium monthly salary for a family in our branch is $300.00.
  • If, with the help from the Saints in America, we could take 20 members.  This would be HUGE!!!  
  • Two families are working towards being sealed. (7) Two sisters will receive their own endowment.(2)  Five who will be returning for only the second time in their life, and five youth.  (10)  We are planning on 20.  If it works out we can take more, we will !!!
  • The cost to get to the temple is $150.00 per person.  (this cost does not include garments/temple clothing)
  • If more than one family member would like to go….well do the math.
  • We are currently working with the youth to go to the temple to do baptisms.
  • The branch has introduced the new program on LDS.org called "My Family" to ready names for temple work
  • Fundraising here is nearly impossible.  It is all they can do to feed, clothe, and house their families.  They have NOTHING to sale at a garage sale.  We had a death in our branch two weeks ago.  We took up a collection to help with funeral costs.  The average donation was $ .50.
  • Financial sacrifice on their part will also be required.  They must do their part.

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