Friday, April 25, 2014

Finding Joy in the Journey...

Our travels thus far in South Africa have taken us mostly along what is termed here the "Sunshine Coast".  These drives have provided us with some of the most breathtaking views we have ever known.  Mountains, water features, forests, jungles, oh my!  As we prepared for our 13 hour drive to Johannesburg we anticipated much of the same.  Not so!

First of all, why a trip to Johannesburg.  Pictured below is the Kondile Family.  Our  branch temple trip is scheduled for July.  As you can see Sister Kondile is expecting a baby girl in July and it would not be a good idea for her to make that trip so close to her delivery date.  We obtained the proper permission and all things worked out for us to take them this week in our little Chevy.  Sinomtha, Ibenathi, and Mzwabantu.  They are on their way to becoming a Forever Family.

"OZ" may have it's fields of poppies, but they are no match for these fields of sunflowers that we came across.  Acres and acres of them.  We were not able to cross the fence to get in to the fields to show how tall they are.  The stalks are at least 6 feet tall.

This was a cool bridge that we came upon.  Right in the middle of the highway all traffic must stop to cross this one-way directional bridge.  Can you imagine that on I-15?

And this little guy wins the prize for not once asking "Are we there yet".  He was a perfect traveler!

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