Monday, April 7, 2014

Foo Foo***

 Saturday, I attended our Branch Relief Society Party in Port Alfred.  There were eight sisters there.  The only decoration was written on the white-board…"Happy Birthday RS".  No foo foo, no fuss.  No table centerpieces, no decorations in the chapel, no Pinterest worthy moments and yet we had a lovely time.  The refreshments were hot dogs, punch, and chocolate cake.  One of the activities at the celebration was each sister was to bring an item that depicted what one of their favorite things were. Two of the sisters said that their "Favorite Thing" was to care for others.  One of the sisters, who is single and raising three children on her own, said hers was the joy of her children.  Another sister held up her car keys and said driving was her favorite thing.  Now, for all of you soccer Mom's out there who live in your car, you may be saying…"Are you kidding me".  Let me share what she said.  "When I was a girl, I walked everywhere.  I walked to school, I walked to shopping, I walked to church, I walked to relatives homes, I walked and walked and walked. (recall from a previous posts that most of our members walk 45 minutes to church one way) As I walked I would see cars go by and think, some day I am going to have a car." For this sister, acquiring a car is not as easy as you think.  First, she is single supporting two children as a school teacher.  If you think the wages of school teachers are bad in America, they are pathetic here.  Purchasing a car requires HUGE sacrifices.  Then the drivers license.  A two week course that costs about $450.00.  Driving is truly one of her favorite things.

So back to the story.  Can you hold a church function without all the foo foo.  Absolutely.  The only necessary ingredient is sisters who love the Lord and the Holy Ghost to act as the teacher.  If you are reading this, you are most likely chuckling a bit knowing that the author of this blog is the Queen of foo foo.  Perspective.  I am gaining a greater one.

    I love these women.  I can not even think about going home without crying.  I will leave part of my heart in Africa when I return to America. 


  1. I LOVE THIS! I have been forever preaching at YW camp activities that we don't need the fluff! The girls remember experiences, moments, thoughts, laughter and tears, not the crud that we spend a ton of time on planning, hauling around and storing afterwards. Those women are light years ahead of us - tell them that! Simple is better! I might just have to copy and paste the whole thing to FB. Yes, I think I will! Love you!!

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