Monday, April 28, 2014

More fun than a barrel of monkeys….I mean giraffe's!

And here is the barrel of monkey's that we took with us to Mansfield Park today.  Elder Wheeler, Elder Tonge, and Elder Stratton.  We took "Flat Stanley" along with us as his final field trip in Africa before sending him back to America.

Mansfield Park is a small game preserve just outside of Port Alfred.  We have been here six months and had not visited there.  The Elder's shamed us in to it today.  I'm so glad they did.  There is something about seeing these magnificent creations in their natural element that just makes you want to sing…"How Wonderous and Great, thy works God of Praise!" 

These majestic animals are 15 to 20 feet tall.  As we look at them the word "reverence" comes to mind. 
 This pack of zebra followed this big guy around like baby ducks following it's Moma!

 The highlight of the day was our search for Gambit.  We read the sign.  We were disobedient.  We broke the rules.  Don't tell President Wood!
 Meet Gambit.  Geoffrey from Toys 'R Us is no match for this gentle giant.

I finally got brave enough to touch him.  I can't say that I was afraid, but I can say that another living, moving, breathing object of this size is to say the least…intimidating!

President Wheeler introduces Flat Stanley to Gambit.  

Elder Tonge even took hold of his tail!  My hero!

With the Kowie River in the background we bid you farewell from South Africa.

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