Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Sacred Sunday...

May 25, 2014 was indeed a Sacred Sunday.  

After renewing our covenants in  Sacrament meeting, the Kondile Family reported on their experience of being sealed as a Forever Family in the Johannesburg Temple in June.  Unfortunately, Brother Kondile was called out to work at the last minute.  President Wheeler and I filled in for him.  I shared my feelings of my angel mother and her legacy of covenants that has and continues to have a ripple effect.  President bore his testimony and called on two other members to offer their testimony.

After the three hour block, we held a baptism for FIVE.  

This group is flanked by Elder Tonge on the left, Soso Magawu third from the left, Elder Stratton on the right with President Wheeler.  The other five are new members of our branch.  From left to right is Nonzame Kafritjie, Bouso Thiam, Chwyita Bokana, Aphiwe Saki, and Busi Lawu.  

Bouso and Chwyita have been taking the lessons for quite some time.  They have been waiting for parental permission.  We were thrilled that both of their mothers were there on Sunday and stayed for the entire three hour block.  

Busi Lawu is our sweet little eight year old.  She is standing with her sister Bali, and her mother Ntombiyakhe.  They brought a cousin with them.  She is going to take the lessons. She even came to seminary last night.  Ntombiyakhe is so excited to have another member of her family join the church.  

Aphiwe took the lessons about one year ago.  He started again a few months ago and committed to baptism.  No one from his family was there, and Ntombiyakhe is his neighbor, so she stood in as his family.  He now has a new family of Latter-Day-Saints.

Nonzame Kafritjie began lessons just six weeks ago.  The Elders called her "golden".  She truly is.  I wrote about her in a previous post.  She is the single mother of these four children who when the need came for them to have a house, she simply built one for them.  The Elders will now begin to teach Nonzame's four children.

So many of our wonderful branch members stayed to share this day and welcome new members in.  The Relief Society Sisters prepared a lovely light lunch and I furnished a gazillion cookies.

Oh yes…it was a good day…a day of good "feelings", a sacred day that
 I would like to share with you.

Can you think of just one good day
That you wish you had again
The one that was so perfect
That you hoped would never end

Now take that day and share it
With someone that you know
Give to them just one good day
And let the feeling grow.

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