Friday, May 9, 2014

Diary of a NON-Wimpy African Woman…or the Mother of the Year Award goes to….

 Amazing.  Astonishing.  Adept.  Artistic.
These are just a few adjectives that tell of African woman.  These women are NOT Wimps.    Let me share with you the story of one.  Nonzame Kafritijie.
Nonzame is a single mother with four children to support.  She is living in circumstances that are not favorable to her children.  At present there are eight people living in their small home.  Looking for a solution to give them some privacy, she decides she will build a house so that they can have some privacy.  Did I mention there was no man.  She is building the house.  Yes.  You read this correctly.  She is building a house with her own two hands and with little or no money.

 Step 1.  Go to the jungle/forrest and gather wood.  Also, scavenge the area for cardboard, broken bricks and corrugated tin.

 Step two.  Put together a structure similar to this one using wire, and nails if you can find them.  If you look closely you can see that the sticks are placed horizontally on the outside of the structure with a pole in the middle and more horizontal poles on the inside to enable insulation to be placed in between.

 Step 3. (See the picture below this one) Make mud.  Mix with grass and broken up bricks, rock, and clumps of grass.  Pat the mud in between the sticks on the structure.  Once the walls have been filled in with the mud mixture it is time to level the floor.  Call the missionaries.  Preferably Elder Tonge who has had previous experience in hauling dirt for his Dad in his landscaping business.  Recruit the kids to shovel and fill the wheelbarrow and it is time to level the floor.

Step 4.  Whistle while you work.  That is when you need Elder Stratton who is a kid magnet and makes everything he does seem fun.  Notice the mud that Nonzame packed the walls with.  

 Step 5.  Rake and smooth while the children run around chanting their math facts and tromping down the dirt.  1+1 is two.  2+2 is four and so on.  Even at their young age it is a joy to hear their rich voices.  This picture also shows all of the cardboard that is used for insulation.

I regret that I did not get a picture of Nonzame.  I will.  She will be baptized on May 25th.  I have had many women in my life that I admire and emulate.  I add the name of Nonzame Kafritijie to that list and nominate her for "Mother of the Year".  

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  1. WOW. WOW. WOW. Tell her I think she is amazing!