Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Quest for Quilting in South Africa

Some of you reading this post will know that one of my hobbies is to purchase fabric, cut it up in to pieces, stitch it all back together and call it a quilt.  I have made way over 100 quilts.  I have now been on a seven month dry spell from quilting in South Africa.  I have not, however, given up the search for the perfect piece of 100% cotton.  I think I am about ready to give up the fight.  I really think the Lord intended it that way.  If I was in a country that was full of quilting fabric, I may be too distracted from my calling.  In America, I have been in quilt stores from Boston to Seattle, Montana, to Arizona.  I have seen some amazing shops.  In my search on this continent, Bessies' is probably as close as I will come to finding anything that equals what the good 'ol USA has.  

This is Bessie's.  It has an interesting theme going, even for South Africa don't you think.  It isn't hard to spot the building. The purple exterior and some very unique "Grecian" statues out front make it quite noticeable.  Not something you see in Africa on a regular basis.  This shop is a two hour drive from Port Alfred.  I made a purchase today for a project I am working on for Young Womens.

I have to admit, the fabric here is gorgeous, if you are making an evening dress, wedding dress, formal attire, or any amount of items you can dream up with polyester.  They do have a fairly good selection of fleece and flannel.  And they do have a lot of it!  
  This is the cute clerk that helped me.  I found some fusible interfacing for a project I am helping the young women with.  I asked her if she had a rotary cutter.  She looked at me like…"a what", and then pulled out this t-square and a pair of lethal looking scissors.

This is my purchase.  In Young Women's we are making a satchel that will hold the girl's personal progress books, the PP journals, and For The Strength of Youth Pamphlets.  Cute huh.  It is a cotton poly blend.  It sort of has the feel of poplin.  But here is the best part.  Eat your heart out my American quilting friends.  I purchased 9 yards of fabric, 3 yards of interfacing and four spools of thread for $26.00.  
I did find this quilt rolled up and stashed in the back of our flat.  It looks more like it came from India than South Africa, but it works for me.  It is falling apart and I am going to do my darndest to repair it and get it on my wall.  For now, this will suffice, but in 17 months, I will be making my rounds to every quilt store I can possibly find on the Wasatch Front.  I will touch the fabric, I will smell the fabric, and I will buy the fabric!  

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