Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pretty Personal Progress Pouches….

It was a delightful day on Saturday with six of our eight Young Women working on one of their goals for Personal Progress.  Our opening song was Chopsticks???  Yessiree.  I taught
the girls how to play chopsticks.  They loved it.

Six girls.  One sewing machine.  9 yards of fabric.  Buttons.  Velcro.  Hot glue.  Pins.  Scissors.  What girl could not have fun with all those supplies.  This was the first time each of the girls had used a sewing machine.  They were really burning up the foot pedal.  We only had to unpick three seams.  Pretty good for a bunch of newbies.

Six completed Personal Progress Pouches.  Each one has a pocket to hold their Personal Progress Book, Personal Progress Journal, and For The Standards of Youth Pamphlet.  How cute are they and I don't just mean the pouches.  

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  1. You are precious to share your sewing talents with those young women! You can tell they adore you. I do too! Muah from miles away!