Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Remember me in the family tree. My name, my days, my strife; Then I'll ride upon the wings of time and live an endless life."

Thembeka C. Hola, pictured below with her husband Ncebazakhe wrote in her pamphlet "My Story" about herself, "I am someone who behave and who love respect for elderly people.  I am a good parent who like other mothers to learn from me about how to grow children as it is a challenging stage."

About her grandfather, Gugile William Dyakala she wrote, " He was a man very strict with house chores, if he told me and my family to work and refused, to do so, he will wake you during your deep sleeping dreams at night and you will do what he told you to do."

Over the past few days I have sat with the members from the Port Alfred Branch to help them enter family names to perform ordinance work when we attend the temple in Johannesburg next week.  I have become the branch expert on Family Search.  It is laughable, but I am all they have.  I have the help line on speed dial and we muddle through.  Some comments from the past few sessions...
  • Sista Wheeler, "you mean that my brother who died when he was hit by a car at the age of 28 can be sealed to his parents?"
  • Sista Wheeler, "you mean that I can be sealed to my grandparents for time and for all eternity?"
  • Sista Wheeler, " you mean that I am building a family that will last forever?"
We have laughed at their funny stories.  We have cried as the spirit of Elijah filled our hearts.  We have smiled a lot!

South Africa's records of births and deaths is very lacking.  Even the verbal records are sketchy.  "Sister Vulindlu, do you have a birthdate for your grandfather?"  "Well, I know he was born in the year of the great plague at Bathurst which was around…."  "O.K. that will work."  "Sister Hola do you have a death date for Somala Gamlashe?"  "Well, no but it was around the time of the war of ….."  "O.K. that will work".

As we finished up with the Hola family today, I asked them if they were excited about the temple trip.  Brother Hola has been endowed.  His wife will be endowed, and they are taking two of their children with them.  His reply, "Oh Sister Wheeler.  This time I am taking my family with me and we will become a forever family.  I am so happy!"


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