Sunday, June 15, 2014

Walking in a Winter Wonderland….

It is Winter in South Africa.  We are minus all of the regular signs.  No "snow glistening".  No snowmen.  However, it can get chilly.  The evenings dip down to around 50 degrees but we are usually in the 70 degrees during the day.  I kept watching for the leaves to turn yellow, orange, and red and to "Fall" off the trees  but I found out from friends that South Africa never looses the greenery.  These are some of our winter flowers.   Each morning when I go for a walk I pass these beauties. 

This is the view as we drive in to our living quarters.  The ocean is in the distance.

This one took my breathe away.  I was in the back yard of our church talking to Brother Hola as he worked on the garden.  I didn't have my glasses on, but I could see some red blossoms hanging over the fence line.  I thought…is this what I think it is.  Sure enough.  It was a beautiful large poinsettia tree.  Ahhhh….winter is here!  

Look at the size of this Poinsettia bush/tree.  

There are no words to express the beauties that this country holds.  Come see for yourself.  You will love it.

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