Saturday, July 26, 2014

South Africa National Arts Festival….or "Hoofin' it to the Fair"

The Cape Town, South Africa Mission covers an area as large as three states of Texas.  In our mission we currently have nine couples serving.  We are very spread out and do not often get a chance to meet. The South Africa National Arts Festival was a great excuse to meet and visit.  Elder and Sister Silcock from Idaho are seated on the cart.  They are from Idaho.  Elder and Sister Chase are on the far left and their home town is in Northern Utah.  Elder and Sister Blatter are from Montana.  Sister Blatter is in the white and Elder Blatter is behind Elder Wheeler.  Sister Gardner is in the middle.  Her husband was MIA.  The Thomases had not yet arrived for this picture.  None of us dared to ride in this cart, but it was a great photo opportunity.

The National Arts Festival is the biggest annual celebration of the arts on the African continent.  It is held in Grahamstown and runs for 11 days.  It is comprised of drama, dance, theatre, comedy, opera, music, jazz, visual art, film student theatre, street theatre, lectures, crafts, and surrounding historic places.  My favorite art form are these beaded creations.  Each piece is made from tiny little beads that are threaded on to wire or string.  

Here is the grand prize.  A full-size cow.  All hand-beaded!

A sampling of the many plays/performances available.  

These baskets are weaved from telephone wire.  These women are FAST and creative.


Africa's version of a Mime!

The food was unbelievable.  Some of our group had a Kudo burger.  No thank you.

I found a quilt!  Yea for me!

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  1. I want one of each! I guess I'll have to bring extra suitcases over when we come! Love your posts!! Love you!