Friday, August 22, 2014

Cookie Monsters...

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Young Women in our branch did not know how to bake cookies!  Well we have cured that dilemma.  It was a chocolate chip cookie making festival A.K.A. Young Woman Personal Progress Day!

How many Young Women does it take to add ingredients?  Apparently SIX and one leader!  From left to right:  Ntombiyakhe, Ayabonga, Nomvula, Chwayita, Bouso, Magret, Ayandiswa.  

Now comes the fun!  I forgot to bring my mixer, so we improvised.  Everyone…go wash your hands really good and start mixing the ingredients with your fingers.  The reward…you get to lick your fingers when your done.

Or your friends fingers!

Time for a couple of "selfies" while the cookies bake.

And who will help me EAT the cookies said the Little Red Hen?

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