Sunday, September 7, 2014

Music to my ears!

South Africa Cape Town Mission Song

I love this song.  The Elders from the East London Zone are singing it as they stand in a circle.  It was the final time they would sing it to President Mark I. Wood and his wife Kathleen before leaving the mission.

We stand as armored soldiers in the service of our Lord,
We are ready, willing able to go forth and preach the Word.
March forward into battle, we are armed with shields of faith
And there’s nothing that can stop us as we go!

Forward, marching forward, we will hold our banners high (as we go)
Forward, conquering forward, with the eagles we will fly.
We cannot be discouraged; we will not be turned away,
For the gospel in South Africa is here, forever to stay!

South Africa is where we have received our call to serve.
In this land of splendid beauty, we will march and never swerve.
Sharing further revelations, Bringing gospel truths to light,
Wielding swords of might and power, We fight for God!

When our call is at a finish and we leave the battle field,
Can we truly say it’s over? Do we dare lay down our shields?
Once as soldiers we’re enlisted In the army of our God,
It’s our duty; hold your head up, Carry on!

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  1. Kathy is there anyway to get sheet music for this. My youngest son is learning to play the piano. What a great surprise this would be if he learned it before my Elder returns this coming year!!!