Monday, September 22, 2014

Snakes Alive!

Monday.  September 15th.  Our 42nd wedding anniversary.  The Elders call and invite us to a snake farm.  We kindly declined, and as Elder Boyce would say, "We would rather have a root canal".  That, however, did not hinder our "Soldiers in the Army", and off they went to East London to a Python Park.  This outing was a sure sign that there are no sister missionaries serving here.  Who else would think a Snake Farm is great fun for a P-day???

Elder Prisbrey on the left and Elder Branch on the right.  Below is the entire Zone.  Obviously, our Elders did not get the memo about dressing in whites for this P-day.  Oops!

Nope.  Not in a million years or if offered a million dollars would you EVER see me in a picture with a snake wrapped around my neck.  Nope.  Nadda.  NEVER!!!  And they are smiling.   Don't you think that is strange?

What kind of snake is this you might ask.  My reply.  "Don't know, don't want to know, don't really care."  Do a google search!

I do have a story to tell about this picture.  As fearful as I am of snakes, my fears do not even come close to those of the blacks in South Africa.  Knowing this fact, a few months ago the Elder's in Port Alfred purchased a rubber snake and put it in the back window of their car with the intent that while they were tracking in the location, no one would try to break in to their car.  One Tuesday during Seminary I was talking to the youth about the challenges they faced as members of the church.  One girl said some women stopped her once and said that we worshiped snaked in our church because she saw the snake in the back of the Elder's car.  I promptly let the Elders know that the snake had to go.  This picture below depicts one very brave warrior.

This short little video shows the owner of the Python Park.  The Elder's were highly impressed with this man.  They could not remember his name, but they did leave information about the church with him.  He is a born again Christian and when he found out that they were Christian's he let all of the Elders in to the Park for free.  He is a reformed drug addict who now dedicates his life to God and snakes.  Hmmmmm.  Interesting.  Actually, he is quite famous in South Africa.  His snakes are used for movies and such.  

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