Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Twu Wuv….

Some may think of "True Love" as gazing into the eyes of your sweetheart over a candlelit dinner while soft music is playing and roses are on the table.  HA!  Let me tell you what true love is…
  • Honeymoon with the in-laws
  • Head teller at Central Bank and trust
  • Truck driver for Hurst Sand & Gravel, Thorn Rock Products and Geneva Rock
  • Micro filming for the Utah State Government at the State Capitol at midnight
  • Re-capping tires at Purcell tires at midnight
  • Living out back in the cow-palace at Grandma and Grandpa Wheelers (there are many stories there!%&*+)
  • Blood clots after being pinned between two cement trucks and many trips to the hospital 
  • Having five perfect angel babies
  • Two amazing son-in-laws and two perfect daughter-in-laws
  • Having 15 and 1/3 grandchildren
  • Five Star Video
  • Beary Best Yogurt
  • Thousands of soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, golf, tennis, basketball games 
  • Thousands of miles logged on with sports trips (how else would we have met the Tonapah Muckers!)
  • Thousands of hours at Nevada Power
  • Lyon Middle School, (band concerts, 
  • Grant M. Bowler Elementary (May Day Dances, music programs, plays, parent teacher conferences)
  • Moapa Valley High School
  • Family vacations (my two favorites were Yellowstone and the motor home rental)
  • Broken legs, bloody heads, four-wheeler disasters, wolf-bites, diabetes, impetigo, warts, sprained ankles, braces
  • Raising kids in the best neighborhood ever
  • Rising flood waters
  • Countless operations
  • Three missions (well I guess four if you count ours)
  • High School Graduations, Seminary Graduations, University Graduations
  • Lake trips…ahhhhh
  • Having the police come to our front door
  • Fleet of cars (Opel, Pooh mobile, Ford Van, Ford Truck (2), Plymouth Savoy, Rambler, Mazda 929, Mazda MPV…most precious vehicle, Honda, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon)
  • Wrecked cars
  • Teenager cars
  • Clark County Fair…pigs, fund-raising booths, etc.
  • Century Bike Rides
  • Quilts and quit trips
  • Great Gobble Wobbles
  • Kris Kringle Mingles 
  • Birthday Bashes
  • Serving in the church…everything from Nursery to Temple
  • Building two homes
  • Building three garages and an postage stamp quilt room
  • Camping trips
  • Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and South Africa 
  • Two heart attacks and multiple surgeries
  • Retirement for two
  • Crying when children leave home but finding out that empty-nesting is a fallacy….Families are forever
  • Tending my perfect grandchildren
  • Binders of scrapbooks
  • Wheeler and Jensen Family Reunions
  • Gazillions of pictures and movies
  • Eternal memories
Forty-two years.  Now that is True Love!  Here's to eternity!

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