Monday, October 6, 2014

I dare you to try this the next time you eat out!

Stay with me on this post.  I promise it will make sense in the end.
Elder's love to eat.  I love to cook.  It is a perfect combination.  Most often the eating takes place at our Flat.  Today was different.  Read on.

Today we took Elder Branch and Elder Prisbrey to Fish River Sun to Breakfast.  We have eaten at many breakfast buffets in our lives, but you have never lived until you have watched these two boys put away food at the Wahoo Restaurant Breakfast Buffet.  I stopped counting after Elder Branch had two omelets and five fried eggs.  That did not count the fruit, meat, pastries and juice.  I know.  It sort of made me sick too.  

But here comes the best part.  As we were eating, we heard the "Help" burst out in to singing "Happy Birthday".  This was not the American version of 'Happy Birthday To You.'  It was African style!  It was amazing.  We grabbed our cameras and headed to that area of the restaurant, only to miss it.  I was feeling sad and asked if they would not sing for us.  One of the girls said, "Only for birthdays madam".  I tried again.  "We would love to".  So here is the kitchen help at Fish River Sun singing impromptu a song whose lyrics mean "May our two worlds come together in Peace."  So the next time you are at Applebees, hey, round up the kitchen staff and let 'er rip.  One thing I love about the African's when they sing is that they are always moving' to to music!

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