Monday, October 20, 2014

Johannesburg, Mandela, the Tree of Life, and REAL American Food!

President Wheeler and I are in Johannesburg.  We are here to attend a temple wedding!!! More on that later.  We had a little time between our flight landing and our scheduled time of arrival at the Temple and we decided to go to Mandela Square.  We were impressed as we saw this bigger than life statue of Nelson Mandela.  Right next to it was a sculpture of what we call "The Tree of Life".  Volumes of books have been written on this great man who is, like the statue you see, bigger than life.  He is revered by the people in South Africa regardless of color.  We believe as missionaries for Jesus Christ and we would not be seeing the success with the work here if it were not for this hero.  The work he did laid the foundation for the gospel of Jesus Christ (The Tree of Life) to be taught in Africa.

The statue is in a courtyard with shopping surrounding it on all four sides, thus forming a square.  We wandered through the shopping and felt like we were in America.  All kinds of American stores.  The Gap, Sketcher, Levi, Pac Sun, American Eagle, I-Mac, and many more.  Oh, but we hit the JACKPOT when we found this restaurant.  REAL AMERICAN FOOD.  Now, don't get me wrong.  We love everything about Africa, but I still have a hard time with the food here.  We poured over the menu!  What shall we choose.  Fajitas for President and a good ol' BBQ chicken sandwich for me with baked beans.  We slicked up our plates like we hadn't eaten for 12 months.  Oh wait!  We haven't eaten American food for twelve months.  It was a good way to celebrate our one year anniversary of entering the MTC.  Life is good.  

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