Sunday, October 19, 2014

Random Ramblings….

This post consists of randomness.  Things I want to remember about Africa.  You may or may not want to read on.  The choice is yours.

Peddie Soccor Team
While attending a funeral in a remote town of South Africa, called Peddie, I captured a picture of these boys playing soccer.  Notice the ball.  It is handmade by these awesome boys.  They take grocery sacks and roll them together to form the ball.  No bounce to it, the shape is a little off, but it works just dandy!

Milk crates are used for the goals and let the game begin!

Shaw Park Elementary School Library
President Wheeler and I drove to Shaw Park Elementary School to talk with the Principal there to set up a service project.  Shaw Park is a "Farm School".  Enrollment is around 175 from K - 6.  Located 30 minutes away from the closest town, on a dirt road, it operates solely off of grants and big hearted donations.  Some monies are collected from tuition.  "Some"  meaning very little.

While waiting for our appointment I took a tour of the library.  Since the last four years of employment for me were at Bowler Elementary in the library, I am always interested in books.  Especially Children's books.  The following two pictures are it.  The sum total of their library.  It is very well-maintained and orderly, but very scant.  The first picture is the non-fiction books.  The next is fiction.

Imagine my surprise when I found the "Hardy Boys Series".  If anyone reading this blog works at Bowler Elementary, will you please show this to Mr. Hardy.  No "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", "Percy Jackson", or "Peter and the Starcatchers".  Oh "If I were a rich man", I would buy this school books!  If Mr. Hardy sees this post, have him look closely.  He will recognize some of the sets in the non-fiction section.

And now, drumroll please!!!  I can not tell you how excited I get when I find American Products.  When I saw this I just froze.  I think I stood for five minutes and just stared.  I am surprised security didn't come and ask if I was O.K.  This is the first package of Hershey Kisses I have seen in South Africa.  Here is the kicker.  Check out the price.  In American dollars that is about $6.00.  The package you see doesn't indicate it, but there are roughly 24 kisses in this package.  Did I buy?  Not on your life.  I was so excited.  There were three varieties.  Oreo, plain milk chocolate, and chocolate with almonds.  I'm going back to "Super Spar" (the name of the grocery store) stare some more.

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