Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Entering the Gate...

December 7, 2014 was a sweet day for Sister Beaulah Muchenga.  She is pictured third from the left.  Beaulah is from Zimbawbwee and is living here with relatives.  She is the mother of eight children.  The thing that I love the most about Beaulah is she has a true "mother's heart".  She is currently employed at an orphanage for children responsible for six children from age two to 14 years old.  Elder Branch performed the baptism.  It was his last baptism in Port Alfred before he transfers to Cape Town.  Pictured from left to right are Sister Noma, Praise, Beaulah, Elder Branch, Ackson, Agnes, and Elder Rasmussen.

We always have a little picnic lunch after a baptism.  Today it was PBJ's, apples, cool drink, and cake.

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  1. It's pretty awesome you can have PB&J after a baptism. We should learn from that and keep things simple here instead of spending hours in a kitchen or paying big bucks at Shirley's bakery!! Love your posts!!