Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For the Boy Scout in all of us…and especially for Jed!

So, what do you do when you find you have a few hours free on a Wednesday afternoon.  Paul Wheeler says…"Let's check out the taxidermy shop".  I say, "Wahoo!  It's just what I had on my mind too". (not)  I must confess, it was amazing!

Rhino, waterbuck, Nyala, Buffalo (wildebeast), Impala, Zebra, Cheetah, Bontebok, Springbok, Bushbuck, Ostrich, Reedbuck, Grysbok and more.  The Rhino below was fiberglass, but nevertheless, very impressive.

Can you pick out which is who…or who is which?

 I am more adept in the kitchen with the process of making things, but I must confess, watching them work was amazing.  What boy scout would not love this field trip?

 Most of the animals here are being shipped to America.  

 I gained a new appreciation for the art of taxidermy.  I must say that I could not have this guy below hanging on my wall and smiling at me every day.  Just a little too creepy for me.


  1. Hell Wheelers! You don't know me, but I found your blog on an LDS Mission Compilation Website. I'm a member of the Church in town from Boston for the week and am staying down at the V&A Waterfront Marina Apartments. I'm here with a Jewish family that I work for, and am wondering if you know of anything going on with members in the area to celebrate Christmas. I would love to meet Saints here while I'm in town (through Sunday). If you know of anything going on, let me know and I'll tap in. I'd also love to meet members and attend church, so any info you have would be great! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!!

    1. My email address is kallikronmiller@gmail.com and my phone number is 1-801-244-6664. :)