Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Seven Eleven…South African Style!

They are charming, they are quaint, each one is different, and they are one of my favorite things in South Africa.  Farm Stalls are a cross between America's seven-eleven stores and  craft boutiques.  They are located along the highways and byways here, but you can not buy petrol.  Only treats, eats, and fun stuff.  Below are three of our favorites.

Owned by the Nanga Family, it had a humble beginning 43 years ago when the owner of the farm started selling cabbages out of the boot (trunk) of her car.  It has now grown in to one of the largest farm stalls on the Eastern Cape.  Some of my favorites to purchase there are homemade whole wheat bread, roosterbreit, fresh pineapple juice, and (of course) hand churned butter.

Padstal (Farm Shop in Afrikaan) has a very whimsical feel.  We had a yummy lunch there.  The interesting thing was most of the products sold there were very American or shabby chic.

I tried to get my husband to sit on the "loo", but it had things growing out of it so he declined.

Which one of us mommies/grandmommies would not like one of these three-sided centers.

Ahhhhh….and now for the really good stuff.  Everything from vinegars, jams, dressings, olives, oils, and more.  A chef's paradise.
These pies are sooooooo good.  These little puppies are sold everywhere in S.A.  Most of them are filled with gravy and not much meat.  Not these guys.  They are as yummy as they are pretty.  I still have not tried the "monkey gland" pie.  They say it is just gravy.  I don't believe them.
And pictured below….drum roll please….are worth the plane trip to Africa.  Traditional South African Roosterbrood!  This bread is de lish.  It has a fantastic consistency, slightly chewy, faintly sweet and salty.  Toast it with butter and jam, fill it with meat for a sandwich. I must learn how to make it before coming home.  Um, Um good.

Farmstalls are Fabulous!


  1. I am still going to try to make pineapple butter, I dream of the rooster bread. I would like to order both a "no grumpy husband" and "sexy mans" signs and a time out cage. Put it on my tab.

  2. I'm coming and I want rooster bread. I don't want monkey gland anything. And I won't be taking a taxidermied zebra head home. I do want to see the giraffe that stepped on Matt but I will keep my distance. Africa, here we come!!! Wahoooooo!