Friday, January 30, 2015

It's A City Life….

Next stop was the VA Waterfront.  This is a beautiful shot taken at night with Table Mountain in the background.  Cape Town is a city of four million people.  We live in a town of 25,000 people.  Being in the city was exciting.  The Waterfront reminded me of Pier 49 in California, with all of the sounds, shops, and plenty to taste.

 And of course…The Wheeler's had to ride Cape Wheel.  The cars had a flat screen TV in them and air conditioning.  The VIP car even served food while you cycled around and viewed the majestic sites of Cape Town.

Several bands were performing for our entertainment pleasure.

The artwork was imaginative.  This wooden sculpture had all of the big five (Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Lion, and Cheetah) carved in it along with different tribesman/hunters.

 A six foot alligator carved from a wooden log.

We should have snapped a close-up of the elephant in the background.  He was made entirely out of little tiny beads.  The one in the front was welded with some kind of metal.

This gentleman that President is standing by is also made entirely out of beads and wire.  He looked like he could have just come from New Orleans.

These Mama's and their children are carved from stone.

Docked in the bay is the Exuma Charter Yacht.  Talk about luxurious.  She holds nine passengers, nine crew, a swimming pool, an extra boat, work-out room, state-of-the art electronic equipment and more.  She can be yours for a $23,000 per week.  Who wants in???  If you have an extra minute, check this one out on google.  Stunning.

I think this little floater is more in line with our budget!

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