Friday, January 30, 2015

Road Trip...

On our bucket list of things to do before we leave South Africa is a road trip to the Western Cape.  Getting away is not easy, but we decided the best time to go would be while it is still summer here and before Seminary starts.  We packed our bags and off we went.  Cape Town was our final destination which is a thirteen hour drive.  We broke it up in to two days.  

We stayed the first night in Knysna at the Bridgewater B&B.  It is lovely.  Knysna is lovely.  We had already explored this area so we were on the road the next morning to Cape Town.

Had just a little delay as we had to purchase a new battery.  Glad it happened where it did and not in the middle of Tim Buck Tuu.  (Where is that anyway)

 On the recommendation of the "locals" we took Route 62. (minus the liquor zone) It is much like America's Route 66.  And boy, were we glad we did.  It made our drive a few hours longer but every turn and town was worth it.

We drove through majestic mountains with the clouds rolling over them.

 We found beautiful little valleys with acres and acres of fruit and nut trees.  The picture below vines growing "hops".  I don't know if that is the correct spelling but "hops" is what you make beer with.

This valley had miles and miles of vineyards.  This picture of the vineyard is fronted with cactus and beyond that the vines go on for as far as the eye can see. 
 As we drove around one particular bend, this quaint little village came in to view.  We truly did drive through the breadbasket of South Africa.  We viewed a variety of scenery that was reminiscent to us of the desserts of Nevada to the vista's of the Tetons.  Truly a sight to behold.   

We were fascinated as we drove through each little village to see the bold towers of the church rising above the homes signaling their devotion to God.  

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  1. Dear, dear, Wheelers, Thank you for sharing. We are spending a few weeks in Logandale. We've seen, but not spoken to Ryan. The weather is particularly nice just now. The town you stopped in, is the home of my friend Kelvin McTavish's sister. She brought the whole family into the church. The 2 brothers are in American Fork and SHE is there still...... and is the sole active member of the church. Mr. Hugs (Fred)