Friday, January 30, 2015

The Caped Crusaders...

Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, and Cape L'Agulhas.  We were able to visit all three!  When following the western side of the African coastline from the equator, the Cape of Good Hope, and Cape Point marks the place where a ship begins to travel more eastward than southward.  This was once believed to be the most southern tip of the continent where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.  Not so.  Cape L'Agulhas has that honor.  Read on. 

This was the view from "Two Oceans Restaurant" where we were served gourmet food.  While dining, the waiters had to keep fighting off Baboons that would jump up on the balcony and try and get our dinner.  No way was I relinquishing these delicacies to those pesky beasts.

Would you give up these delightful treats to a Baboon?  I don't think so!!!  And by the way, they were as good as they look.

 We hiked to Cape Point Lighthouse and also the most southern tip of the Cape.

 We think the picture below was a look-out tower built before lighthouses were in place.

  Bartolomu Dias (Paul wondered if his wife was named Cameron) first rounded this Cape in 1488.  Can you even imagine his delight as this view came in to sight.

These signs are posted everywhere!!!  I know these guys can be pesky, but….
Just look at Betty Baboon nursing Bob.  Ahhhhh…..too cute.  We were able to get just two feet away from her and she didn't even blink.

But these naughty little monkey's were climbing all over this tourists car!

 Penguins!  Lot's of them!
 Just out for a swim!

Our last Cape was L'Agulhas.   It is the geographic southern tip and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Historically, the cape has been known to sailors as a major hazard on their routes.  Hundreds of ships have been lost on this point. 

 Right hand pointing to the Indian Ocean.  Left to the Atlantic!

 Warming my feet in the Indian Ocean.

Cooling my feet in the Atlantic

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