Friday, January 30, 2015

Up, up in the sky…A three part story of a table and a lion.

Part one:  Table Mountain

With a flat top of approximately two miles from one side to the other, rising 3,563 feet above sea level, and approximately 800,00 visitors per year Table Mountain is Cape Town's most popular Tourist attraction.  There are two ways to make the ascent.  Cable car, or hiking on one of the more than 350 trails.  It's original name, Howrikwaggo, translated means 'mountain in the sea'.  It is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.  With Elder and Sister Blatter we rode to the top in the Cable Car.

We just felt like singing…"High On A Mountain Top" or "On Top of The World looking down on Creation."  The views are spectacular with Devil's Peak to the West, Lion's Head to the East, and the Twelve Apostles to the North.  

There are often orographic clouds at the top that spill over and the locals call it "The Tablecloth".  It looks similar to smoke but is actually the result of a south-easterly wind rising up to meet the mountain's cooler air.  Legend has it that this is a smoking contest between the Devil and a pirate named Van Hunks.

Part Two:  Hiking Table Top

President Wheeler could not let this one get by without trying the hike.  He put on his Superman outfit and off he went.  I passed on this one.  This hike makes angels landing look like a hike for sissies.  (Oh wait.  That would be me)  These next two pictures show the ascent is completely stairs made from rocks.  It is a killer.  This is the most popular trail.  He ran in to some hikers that had a hat with the saying on it…"Ten Years of Crazy".  For ten years they have been making this hike at least two times a month.  My husband.  My hero!  He made it to the top!

Part Three:  Lion's Head

Alongside Table Mountain is the mountain slope named Lions head.  We both went on this hike.  You wind your way around the lions head until you reach the chains taking you to the very top.  Lion's Head Peak is approximately 2100 feet above sea level.  

I made it within 15 minutes from the top, but when I started having to hug the rocks due to fear of heights, I pulled up a rock and waited for my good husband to make the ascent.

On top of a Lion's Head with Table Mountain in the background!

Since I had some energy left, I helped this family piggy back their four-year old down the mountain.  It was a great day up, up in the sky!

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